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Pistes Solidaires Méditerranée changes its name, and becomes… Hors Pistes !

Why this change of name? What is behind these two words? Let us tell you our hi-story in a three-minutes read!

It all started in 2002 in the south-east of France (Var) with the creation of the association Pistes Solidaires. The organisation aims to foster knowledges and behaviours promoting justice and equality, in an intercultural and interdependent world. Since its beginning, it is commited for interculturality and learning mobility for young people, in Europe and further. The actions are led from two regions : Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur (Marseille) and Aquitaine (Pau).

In 2013, Pistes Solidaires Méditerranée is born, gathering volunteers and team members from  Pistes Solidaires. Activities developed for already 11 years find then a new echo, new dynamics are being created while other are becoming sustainable, like intercultural mentoring or euro-mediteranean projects.

A bit of confusion is sometimes felt between Pistes Solidaires and Pistes Solidaires Méditeranée. Two organisations but an almost identical name. For more simplicity, the organisation is today becoming Hors Pistes, while being very attached to its origin and to its sister-organisation from New Aquitaine, Pistes Solidaires.

Off Pistes means thinking outside the box, accepting unexpected discoveries, changing perspectives. It’s overcoming preconceived ideas, escaping one’s comfort zone, opening horizons and being surprised. It’s going through paths we didn’t suspect, paths which make us grow up and learn. It is also a wink to Pistes Solidaires, a reminder of our origins and an extension of this idea of path (in French,’Pistes’), these hidden sideroads we are willing to go on.

We will always commit for what is important to us : interculturality in all its forms, encounters and mutual learnings opportunities, international and learning mobility. But also running actions with local impact and recognising knowledge and skills as factors of emancipation and empowerment.

We will let you find out soon our new website, logo, as well as a great spring party to inaugurate our new office in Marseille (which we share with the association Parcours le Monde Sud-Est)!

Please take note of our change of email adresses :

Contact adress and partnerships : marseille@hors-pistes.org
Voluntereing : sve@hors-pistes.org
Youth Exchanges and Training courses : echanges@hors-pistes.org
Intercultural Mentoring : parrainage@hors-pistes.org 
General coordination : marlene@hors-pistes.org

EVS project coordination : benjamin@hors-pistes.org 

We are looking forward to keep working, share and grow with you.

The team Hors Pistes

Welcome to Pistes Solidaires Méditerranée!

‘Mobility’ is not just about transport, it is also and especially a learning process of competences that you acquire from a very early age, and keep learning all life long…

Pistes Solidaires Méditerranée (PSM) is an organisation based in Marseille, France and working on the field of non-formal education. It aims at promoting citizenship (equality, tolerance, altruism) in our intercultural society and interdependent world. The organisation is involved in training youngsters as “change makers”, through enabling meetings and exchange between youngsters from different cultures and various horizons.

Pistes Solidaires Méditerranée is a non-profit organisation created in 2013. PSM develops a number of international projects supported by the Erasmus+ program and OFAJ :


 Sending, hosting and coordinating EVS volunteers


Organising intercultural youth exchanges


Organising international trainings for youth workers

PSM also coordinates a strategic partnership aiming at facilitating the integration of young migrants through mentoring. Check out the official website!  […]

And much more…

Check out all the blog articles in English! […]


 The team is composed of 5 employees and a team of 5 to 8 volunteers (EVS & Service Civique) and interns. If you are curious, write us on marseille@hors-pistes.org. See you soon!